Wednesday, August 17, 2016

Save or Give???

Just recently my daughter was going over all that she wants for Christmas…..Yes I do realize it is only August and that is the main reason I was only halfway listening to her.  What caught my ear was “and more food for the children’s home in case they ate it all already and toys for the kids”.  Just a few weeks back we had the opportunity to donate food to a children’s home.  It was announced at church and I thought to myself “ I will write them a check and it will make it easier for everyone”  I had no clue my daughter was listening until later that day she asked when we were going to the store to buy food for the kids.  I made sure we went to the grocery store on a day both of my daughters could go help.  We loaded up the bags with food on the list and unloaded it at the church.  She was just so pleased with herself knowing that she made a difference in those kids' lives.

This finally brings me to my point.  So many people in this day and age are living with debt.  There are quite a few following all the right steps to get out of this debt and have more freedom financially. All they can think about it save, save, save.  Saving is good but giving plays a huge part in our ability to have the right mindset to save.  

I heard on Dave Ramsey one day a gentleman ask if he should stop contributing to his church in order to put that money towards debt.  Dave's answer hit the nail right on the head, he said "no, continue giving, if you can’t live off of 90% of your income you won’t be able to live off of 100%”. When you sit down and put a pencil to your personal finances there are so many places in your life you can cut back, things that are unnecessary such as eating out, cable tv, and entertainment.  Those are the places you save.  By not giving and tithing you are only harming yourself and getting set back from your goal to get out of debt. Giving not only generates good but also generates contentment.  There are so many movies I have left thinking “I could have lived without that”  There is not a single time in my life where I have intentionally helped someone in need, a charity, or my church and walked away feeling regret.

Give with a joyful heart, out of love and not guilt, and you will be blessed while being a blessing to others.  


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