Thursday, July 7, 2016

Summer Budget Tips

Easy Summer Budgeting in 1...2...3!

1)  Plan Your Meals
There are often less activities and obligations for families during the summer months.  This can mean more time spent at home and more meals being consumed at home.  Summer is the perfect time to really sit down and plan your meals.  This will make it easier to skip on the urge to pick up another fast food meal on the way home. With your meals planned out you can make a list and get everything you need in one trip to the grocery store. Eliminating the stops at the store to pick up “just one thing” that always turns into a basket full of unneeded items.   

2)  Entertain at Home
When the kids get bored it can be tempting to jump in the car and head to a movie. This adds the extra expense of admission tickets, snacks, drinks, and gas.  For a budget friendly way to burn off some energy turn them loose in the backyard. You will be amazed at how their imaginations and the outdoors can keep them entertained. If you need to get out of the house explore some activities in your neighborhood, at the local library or pack a lunch and head to the park. 

3)  Shop Around for Services
Do you ever feel like you are paying too much for cable, cell phone, car, home or health insurance? Just about anything that you pay for on a regular basis is worth a few spare minutes to research your options.  Call around and get quotes from different companies.  After doing a bit of researching your current service provider might even be up to negotiating a bit. 
Final Thoughts
Saving money this summer doesn’t require drastic steps. Instead, small, simple methods can make a big difference in your budget. It might take some getting used to, but with your family on board with your plan you can create a little wiggle room in your budget, making all these little steps worth the extra effort. 

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